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Founded in 1991, Chongqing Yinjiao Brake Co. Ltd., which is located in High Tech District of Chongqing, is a large professional manufacture of motorcycle brakes with total assets over hundred million RMB and 11.53 acre of manufacture site. With a variety of products including more than 200 brake models, Yinjiao Brake Co. Ltd. is capable of producing more than 6 million brakes of 50-400 different types, 1.5 million motorcycle buffers of 50-250 types, and 1.5 million motorcycle wheel hubs of 50-125 types annually.
It employs a research and development team of over 30 professionals that includes 3 senior engineers, 6 intermediate engineers, and 15 technicians.  Also, the company’s thirty-thousand-square-meter modern plant equips 7 advanced production lines with more than 200 precision machining units, 6 die casting robots, and 13 complete professional inspection equipments. The company’s production capacity is about 7 million pieces per year, and the company occupies 40% market share in Chongqing brake market with steady increasing in market share every year. The new product development with low mass production can be completed within 30 days.
The company is chosen as top supplier by several major motorcycle factories. Also company establishes a stable long-term collaborative relationship with Loncin, Lifan, Yinxiang, Bashan, and Shineray. Besides the products that are installed in motorcycles shipped overseas, the products of the company are also exported to more than 10 countries alone in South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe. The company gained several rewards continuously for years, such as “AAA class sub supplier”, “Excellent Quality Product Supplier", "Excellent Cooperation", “Best Enterprise Supplier” and etc.
The company owns fifteen new model patents, and one key innovation product of Chongqing. The company was qualified as "National High Tech Enterprise" from 2011, and has passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 international quality system. More, it obtained the license of producing friction material for industry usage among the first batch of receivers in Chongqing area from the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. Further, it has passed the certification of voluntary products from China Quality Certification Center. The company holds "" and "1"、"3"two registered trademarks. The "2" trademark was rewarded as "Chongqing’s Famous Brand", and the YJ series brakes were rewarded as "Chongqing’s Famous Products ". Also the company has been continuously appraised as "Enterprise of contract Abider and Reputation Keeper” by Industry & Commerce Departments of District and City. Moreover, company was awarded "Reaching Three Level Standards Enterprise" in safety of working environment by District Administration of Work Safety. Last, City Administration of Work Safety granted company rewards as “Enterprise of Compliance Management in Occupation Safety of Chongqing ".
 The company wishes to cooperate and make long-term relationship with customers at home and abroad by providing high-quality products and thoughtful service in shortest delivery cycle!

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